Facilities in IJN College

Our facilities include:

Seminar / Lecture Rooms

Five lecture rooms are provided for learning and teaching purposes in the college such as Seminar Room 1, Seminar Room 2, Seminar Room 3, Seminar Room 4 and Seminar Room 5. Each room is equipped with one LCD projector, one visualyser and P.A. System.

Skill Labs

Appropriate equipment which related to the courses offered will be provided for practical used. There are Skill Lab 1, Skill Lab 2 and Skill Lab 3 which completed with LCD projector and TV.

Note: Skill lab 2 and 3 can be combined to make a big lecture room.

Computer Lab

Full specification of computer with networking system for learning purposes in the college. Completed with one LCD projector, wireless service, student’s foyer and student’s locker. Student’s locker is provided for students to keep their belongings safe before entering into the computer lab.

Front Foyer

Front foyer for student activity and discussion. Equipped with tables and chairs, lockers, fans and wireless service.


Food and drink station with variety of foods and drinks.

Student Locker

Provided for students to keep their belongings safe before entering into the computer lab, seminar rooms or skill labs.


The auditorium will accomodate official function such as seminars, conferences, symposiums and other events.

International Student Unit



Other Facilities

There are some facilities are provided in IJN compound.

  • ATM machines
  • Grocery shops
  • Coffee and bakery shop
  • Laundry shop
  • Pharmacy shop
  • Shopping cart
  • Fruit stall