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Professor Dr. Durrishah Idrus
Chief Executive Officer, IJN College

Welcome everyone!

IJN College is proud to host everyone who has chosen the institution to further your higher education and to realise your dreams. The college is expanding very fast, spurred by very positive and encouraging response from the public towards the programmes offered, and new relevant programmes are now designed to suit industry needs. These new programmes are extensions of the diplomas; these are the related degrees, master and PhDs. The most distinct progress is new programmes designed that highlight the niches of IJN as a National Heart Centre, especially in cardiovascular and cardiothoracic medicine. At the same time, we are collaborating with industries and partners in and outside of Malaysia in broadening your horizons and experience.

Again welcome!

Enjoy your educational journey here at IJN College, and as the global citizens that we are, let us all grow together and become leaders that are able to serve the nation and humankind!