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Nurturing Minds: A Day of Mental Health Awareness by the Psychology Club

Oct 12, 2023

IJN College, October 12 2023 – Mental health problems are very common among college students. Thus, this group of students may have to cope with meeting work and family demands in addition to academic requirements. In these contexts, many college students may experience the struggles of dealing with mental health issues which can lead to substance abuse, addiction and more negative consequences.

As a result, the psychology club has organized a programme to educate students about the problems with mental health that are common in our society and community. Stereotypes surrounding mental health issues frequently lead to symptoms worsening and mistreatment of those suffering in our community. This programme provides a wealth of information about common mental health issues, including the causes, symptoms, and treatment.

The Psychsociety Club proceeded with this programme via exhibitions. These exhibitions are handcrafted, made by the members of the club. Each exhibit demonstrate how mental health disorders and illnesses may manifest; eating disorders, mood disorders, stress and many more. Amongst the exhibitions, there we’re also two demonstrations: TAT (Thematic Apperception Test) and the Phantom Limb Experiment. Students from the club demonstrated the function of these two exhibits.

The TAT shows the diversity in perception, people are so different from each other that their environment (culture, social norms and their daily struggles) can affect how they view the world. The Phantom Limb Experiment demonstrates how those who have amputated limbs experience phantom limb; this phenomenon occurs when signals from the brain are sent to the nerves of the amputated limb, causing pain and distress.

Accompanying that, the Psychsociety Club provided a free DASS (depression, anxiety and stress scale) test. This will help students who may be struggling with underlying mental issues as they have a choice to refer to a trusted licensed professional who will aid in resolving their issues.

This program’s purpose is to raise awareness about mental health issues; students from various courses participated in this programme, asked questions and expanded their knowledge about mental health issues and disorders among our community



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