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Who and Why Should Study Physiotherapy?

Sep 19, 2023

Physiotherapists look further than anatomy, physiology, and pathology to see the person as a whole thinking, feeling, emotional being. Great physiotherapists inspire their clients to live healthier lives.

Interest in Biology and How the Human Body Functions:

Students who have a strong interest in how the human body works and like Biology in their SPM or IGCSE/O-Levels are good candidates to study Physiotherapy. You should have good results in Biology.  From understanding how the respiratory, neurological, and musculoskeletal systems affect mobility to mastering the human anatomy, you can certainly find Physiotherapy an intellectually satisfying pursuit.

Enjoy Helping People:

Students who like to help people and desire to see them lead a healthy pain-free life. You are able to listen to people with empathy and try to help them.

Enjoy Hands-On Practical Jobs:

Students who like to move around and prefer practical jobs are ideal to pursue a career in Physiotherapy.

Ideal for People who Love Sports:

Physiotherapy is the closest career to sports that is stable, reputable and have a decent salary. It is a great pathway for students who have a passion for sports. You can treat sports-related injuries as a Physiotherapist.

Why Study Physiotherapy?

Able to Help people:

Physiotherapy can make invaluable changes to a person’s quality of life. Serious health problems like cystic fibrosis and arthritis can be effectively treated with physiotherapy, so having the skills to make this possible is an impressive contribution to society.

Highly practical courses:

A Physiotherapy course include lectures as well as about 1,000 hours of clinical postings throughout your Physiotherapy degree studies. Your days will be full of problem-based learning, tutorials and eventually work experience in hospitals or clinics.

Real-world work experiences:

As physiotherapy is a vocational career, universities promise their students clinical placements across various healthcare settings. This gives you the chance to see your learning in action, giving context to all the time spent studying the theory. You’ll graduate well prepared for a career in the field.

Pursue a passion for sport:

Careers in sport in Malaysia are notoriously hard to come by but if you study a degree in Physiotherapy, there is an opportunity for you to find a job in this area. Professional sports teams need their physiotherapists in Malaysia and overseas.

You can also work as a sports injury specialist at a private clinic or your own practice.

Decent Salary:

The average salary of a physiotherapist is considerably higher relative to the salary of an employee with an ordinary graduation degree. Graduates with a Physiotherapy degree can work in private as well as government sector with good salary. You could even earn more by running your own physiotherapy clinic.

It Changes Lives:

Physiotherapy helps in transforming the lives of the people in pain. Physiotherapists help people feel different by reducing their pain as well as giving them the confidence to soon become well. You play a big role in changing the lives of people to be become healthier and lead a pain-free life.

What Skills Do You Need as a Physiotherapist?

Possess an encouraging and motivating attitude:

Your ability to encourage and motivate your patients will be vital as you become a professional physiotherapist. You should be able to compliment patients as they improve and respond to treatment or therapy.

Patience and tolerance:

There will always be patients who would not listen to your advice, and will barely make any progress. As frustrating as it is, you should never get angry or scold your patient.

Always keep calm and explain their condition to them and what they must do to get better. Also, remember that not everyone improves at the same pace.

Good communication skills:

In your practice, you will come across people of different ages, races, cultures, from children to seniors. Therefore, you must be able to communicate your message in a way that they will understand.


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