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10 Reasons Why You Should Study Accounting

Sep 7, 2023

Why Study Accounting in Malaysia:

  1. You need basic math skills

Although computers have made the lives of accountants easier by calculating complex equations, they still need to have some basic mathematical skills. Accounting, these days is fully computerised. You don’t need to use complex formulas to calculate big numbers. Computers and specialised software do that for you. You still need to be good with numbers. Accountants now need to be able to have strong communication skills to be able to communicate with clients from various industries.

  1. Every industry needs an accountant

An accountant is required in any field because every organization or company needs a professional that can handle their financial activities. Think about it. In a business, they need someone to handle the money and accounts, deal with banks and taxes and so on. They need you, if you are a professional with the right qualifications.

  1. You can start your own business or accountancy firm

If you’re a professional accountant, you can start your own business because you understand better about the marketplace. You can be an entrepreneur if you are an accountant because it simply enables you to know the ins and outs of various industries and markets. If you are a highly qualified and professional accountant with the right skills and qualifications, you can be an independent accountant, have your own firm, and employ others.

  1. You can work abroad

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) qualifications enables you to work in different companies all over the world. With qualifications like ACCA, you can work in more than 120 countries. You might be attached to big firms that would want to send you to different countries. So, it is kind of a professional passport.

  1. More consultation, less number crunching

Those who want to pursue a career in accountancy need not to worry about heavy mathematical equations because their primary task is to advice their clients. Accountants are not mathematicians, but they are advisors and bookkeepers for clients and a communicator.

  1. Seasons to make big money

As an accountant you might be very busy having to deal with financial planning and taxation. During a financial year, you will be needed for auditing and assessment quarterly or at the end of the financial year. You will have to deal with taxation, speculation/predictions, and financial planning for the following season. This is a very busy time for accountants.

  1. Grow your connection with volunteer work

Non-Government Organizations not only recruit volunteers that assist in charity and welfare but they also need professionals like accountants to run their activities smoothly. A lot of big organizations like (WHO, WFO, WWF, UN, Amnesty and many others) need professionals to help and volunteer to do some work for them because they are always short on funds and get much of their work done through volunteers. You, as a qualified accountant volunteer, will meet high caliber individuals that can help you go far. They can write you a recommendation letter, connect you to other professionals, or even get a job with these organizations.

  1. A degree is not necessary

Your employers or clients won’t hire you for your grades or your alma mater but whether you have the skills and qualifications to become an accountant or not. Accountancy is all about skills and professional qualifications. You can study on your own or enrol at an institution that offers the right qualifications. ACCA is a great way to get a job at a young age. It pays you well, and it is accepted in many countries around the world. One can even start studying accountancy right after SPM.

  1. Your skills are always in demand

Money is a basic requirement so jobs in finance like accountancy is always in demand. A finance professional is always needed by businesses and various industries. Where money is involved, an accountant is needed.

  1. Accounting is your Parachute

A career in accounting is rarely affected by political changes and cut backs. When hard times hit, companies tend to cut costs and lay off employees. Usually, the layoff process hits marketing, sales, and other departments. Accounting department is one that cannot afford to lose a member of their staff, unless the qualifications are not there. Political changes also don’t impact much. If there is a change in policy, government or regulations, an accountant can always catch up with these changes. In fact, they might be the first to learn of the changes and adapt to them. However, nothing is guaranteed 100%, nothing is full-proof 100%; and in many cases, change might be necessary.


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