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“66 Years Today: What Future, Malaysia?” – A Profound Merdeka Reflection by Prof. Dr. Durrishah Idrus

Aug 30, 2023

IJN College, 30 August 2023 – As Malaysia celebrates its 66th Merdeka Day, the air is thick with nostalgia and anticipation. This day, marking the nation’s independence, invites reflection on its past, present, and most importantly, its future. Prof. Dr. Durrishah Idrus, a distinguished scholar and visionary, has shared insightful thoughts in her Merdeka Day address titled, “66 Years Today: What Future, Malaysia?” Her words resonate deeply with Malaysians as they ponder the path ahead.

A Celebrated Academic and Visionary

Prof. Dr. Durrishah Idrus is a luminary in the academic world, renowned for her contributions to social sciences and her unwavering commitment to advancing Malaysia’s societal progress. Her Merdeka Day address is much-anticipated, offering a unique perspective on the nation’s journey.

Reflecting on the Past

Prof. Dr. Durrishah commences her address with a heartfelt tribute to the nation’s founders, acknowledging their resilience and vision in securing Malaysia’s independence. She takes the audience on a journey through history, recounting the struggles, sacrifices, and triumphs that paved the way for the Malaysia we know today.

The Promise of Youth

A recurring theme throughout her speech is the potential of Malaysia’s youth. Prof. Dr. Durrishah expresses her unwavering belief in the youth’s ability to shape the nation’s future. She encourages them to be active participants in building a better Malaysia, reminding them that the future belongs to them.

In concluding her address, Prof. Dr. Durrishah Idrus leaves the audience with a call to action. She implores Malaysians to reflect on their roles as stewards of their nation’s destiny, to unite in purpose, and to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

As Malaysia celebrates its 66th year of independence, Prof. Dr. Durrishah’s Merdeka Day address serves as a thought-provoking and inspiring reminder of the nation’s potential and the collective responsibility of its citizens. With her vision and wisdom, she offers a beacon of hope and guidance for Malaysia’s journey into the future.




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