In the interim, the Ministries of Labor, Health, and Education should adopt and publicize decisions treating spouses and children of Lebanese women on par with Lebanese citizens, to ensure they are not denied basic rights and services. The majority of Lebanese and Syrian refugees in the household survey population reported that they were paying out of pocket for their health services . Compared to Lebanese respondents, Syrian refugees were significantly more likely to report having paid out of pocket for their last health care visit (74.2% versus 80.9% respectively, p-value 0.01). Lebanese respondents reported a higher average expenditure out of pocket per episode of sickness compared to Syrian refugees , regardless of the type of facility attended. The average cost of delivery was similarly higher for Lebanese women compared to Syrian refugee women . The proportion of Syrian refugees attending ICRC supported health facilities was higher than that detected at population level (88.1% versus 40.6%, respectively), and differed from the general population of Syrian refugees living in the catchment area. Syrian refugees attending ICRC supported health facilities had bigger families, lower educational level, higher unemployment rate, and were more heavily dependent on humanitarian aid for securing their income, compared to Syrian refugees in the same areas.

Today, primary school enrolments of girls and boys are equal and 83 per cent of Lebanese women are literate. Local and regional NGOs have helped to increase awareness of violence against women in Lebanon. However, government policies regarding this are poor, and attempts to implement new laws that would protect women against violence have been met with resistance. Lebanon’s laws do not recognize the concept of spousal rape, and attempts to add this to law have been attacked by Lebanese clerics.

  • Prevalence rates for spousal violence are around 25% and women make up only 4.6% of the Parliament.
  • The most common reason, by far (58%), for not working is the women’s duties as a housewife.
  • These figures are extremely outdated and are based on a census of the country that was taken in the year 1943.

This study builds on recent scholarship on women’s activism in the Arab world, in the context of the Arab Spring. This book argues that women are caught between sect and nation, due to Lebanon’s plural legal system, which makes a division between religious and civil law. While both jurisdictions allocate women relational rights, guided by the logic of patrilineal descent, women’s inequality is central to the reproduction of sectarian difference and patriarchal control within the confessional political system, as a whole. This study identified important gaps in terms of utilization of health care services for women of reproductive age and children, particularly in immunization, SRH and NCD care, despite the support and availability of such services at facility level. It also casts light on oral health as a neglected health need in humanitarian settings.

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We’re starting our list “Most beautiful Lebanese women” with the very talented and gorgeous Myriam Fares. This Lebanese singer, songwriter, and actress is one of the most popular celebrities in the Arab world. With her mesmerizing voice and stunning looks, it’s no wonder she’s often referred to as the “Queen of Stage”. No one can disagree with this fact; Lebanese women are among the most beautiful women in the world. Lebanese women attract others by means of their composure and the way they take care of themselves. It’s not all about physical appearance, It’s the way their attitudes and habits that define them.

Haifa Wehbe is a Lebanese-Egyptian singer, actress, and model born on March 10, 1972, in South Govern-orate, Lebanon. She is also the founder of a non-profit organization named Justcarengo to help patients suffering from traumatic brain injury. The charming actress represented her country at Miss World 2015, and was crowned Miss Lebanon that same year. She is best known for her role in Ma Fiyi, the most popular and widely watched Arab series. She also made an appearance in Season 6 of the famous American series, Teen Wolf. Myriam Fares is a Lebanese singer, dancer, actress and entertainer.

Trans women, female sex workers, refugees, and asylum seekers have endured systemic violence, including rape, in Lebanese detention centers. Female migrant workers under the Kafala system, with no labor laws to protect them, have faced employer abuse and negligence especially after the spread of COVID-19, the economic crisis starting in August 2019, and the August 2020 Beirut port explosion. Lebanese women are still excluded from the main decision-making positions in Lebanon, such as the presidency of the Republic, premiership and parliament speaker, despite their prominent presence in the human rights and diplomatic fields, and in international forums. There has also been improvement in female representation in the Lebanese Parliament in the last elections that took place in May 2022, with 8 women winning seats, in the best representation of women nominated and reaching the Parliament in the history of the country.

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Navy, Coast Guard, Army National Guard and Air Force attended a ceremony in Lebanon, Aug. 1, to support the first group of women who graduated from the Lebanese Army Military Academy and into the field of combat arms. From the left, Navy Lt. Cmdr. Kendra Carter, Air Force 1st Lt. Alydia Ball, Army National Guard 1st Lt. Ashley Estep, Coast Guard Lt. j.g. Kayla Sowers, Navy Ensign Allison Sterr, and Navy Ensign Rochelle Brown, pose for a photo during a reception following a graduation ceremony for the Lebanese Army Military Academy in Fayadiyeh, Lebanon, Aug. 1. The officers attended the ceremony to support the first group of Lebanese women who graduated from the academy and into the combat arms field.

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If you have no opportunity or desire to go so far away to meet Lebanese girls, try your luck on mail order brides services. These are online international marriage agencies that help Lebanese women find their foreign husbands. Thousands of beautiful single chicks are looking for their destiny there. You can start communicating with them right after getting registered and passing verification which ensures that you are a real person. According to the World Economic Forum’s 2021 Global Gender Gap Report, in terms of gender equality, Lebanese women in the Middle East region were behind Israel (.724), Egypt (.639), and tied with Jordan (.638), and ranked 132nd out of 156 countries in the report.

Cyrine is truly a role model for me and for many other women all over the world. She has starred in a number of Lebanese movies and TV shows and is considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the country. Saly has also done some modeling work and has been featured in popular magazines. Saly Greige is an engineer, model, TV host, and Miss Universe Lebanon 2014.

Support to services provision must also ensure that adequate human resources are available and essential medication proactively prescribed by health care providers to avoid preventable out-of-pocket spending. The results of this study show that the ICRC PHC program in Lebanon has achieved its primary goal of reaching some of the most vulnerable populations in underserved catchment areas of supported facilities.

Young people were marked out by foreign missionaries for their potential to transform not just the next generation of Lebanese but also the present generation of parents, especially mothers. A large proportion of Lebanese society is still against premarital sex or single mothers, and there have been many cases where Lebanese women were blacklisted by their families for them being pregnant before marriage. Some people have even reached the extent to kill their sister or daughter for having alleged pre-marital sexual relationships, calling it an “honor crime”. Article 7 of the constitution of Lebanon asserts that all citizens should have equal rights and duties regardless of gender. Article 8 states that individual liberty will be guaranteed and protected by law. In 2021, Zaytoun started hosting an education program, With Yasmina Show. In 2022, she began her pageantry career after being selected to represent the district of Hasbaya at the Miss Lebanon 2022.