The latest social degree professor keeps a thorough experience in the new social sciences and you can understands the value of the personal sciences

Analytical Views: New math teacher understands this new historical development of analytical records, this new interrelationship anywhere between area and mathematics, the dwelling from mathematics additionally the developing character out-of mathematics and you may statistical knowledge

Geometry and you will Dimension: This new mathematics professor understands and you can uses geometry, spatial reasoning, dimensions maxims and you will prices and you will technical suitable to coach the fresh statewide programs (Colorado Extremely important Education and you will Experiences [TEKS]) so you’re able to get ready students to utilize math.

Likelihood and Statistics: New math professor understands and you can spends possibilities and you Hispanic Sites dating review may analytics, the apps and you will technology appropriate to educate the fresh new statewide classes (Texas Very important Knowledge and you will Knowledge [TEKS]) so you’re able to prepare yourself youngsters to use mathematics.

Analytical Processes: The brand new mathematics professor understands and you can uses mathematical techniques to need statistically, to solve analytical difficulties, and come up with analytical connections contained in this and outside of math and show statistically.

Geography: This new societal training professor enforce experience in some body, metropolises and environments so you’re able to support students’ understanding of geographic relationships into the Texas, the usa and industry

Analytical Reading and you may Knowledge: The latest math professor knows how pupils learn and create mathematical knowledge, procedures and you can maxims; knows normal problems children make; and you may spends this information so you’re able to plan, plan out and apply training; to meet training requirements; in order to train most of the youngsters to understand and make use of math.

Statistical Review: This new math teacher understands evaluation and uses a number of specialized and you may informal assessment processes suitable to your learner to your a continuing basis to keep track of and book instruction and also to look at and you may report college student improvements.

Top-notch Advancement: Brand new mathematics teacher understands math teaching as the a vocation, understands the significance and perks of being an effective reflective professional and you can realizes the significance of and then make a beneficial lifelong commitment to professional growth and you can invention.

The public knowledge teacher uses studies and you can knowledge out of public degree, because the discussed by the Texas Crucial Studies and you will Enjoy (TEKS), so you can package and apply energetic classes, tuition, comparison and you will review.

History: This new societal education teacher is applicable experience with significant historic occurrences and developments, together with off several historical interpretations and you can suggestions, to help you assists pupil knowledge of dating involving the past, the present and also the coming.

Economics: The brand new societal training professor understands how some one organize economic assistance to help you produce, distribute and you may consume goods and services and you will spends this knowledge in order to allow college students to understand monetary options and also make informed monetary decisions.

Government: This new social knowledge professor understands just how governments and you may structures regarding electricity form, bring buy and you can spend some info and you may uses this information so you can helps scholar comprehension of just how somebody and communities get to the requires using governmental options.

Citizenship: Brand new personal studies professor knows citizenship in the united states and almost every other societies and you will uses this information to prepare people to join in our community as a consequence of an understanding of democratic beliefs and you may citizenship strategies.

Culture: The public training professor knows societies and how it write and adapt and you may spends this information to enable pupils to know and regard social diversity from inside the Tx, the united states as well as the industry.

Technology, Technical and you will Neighborhood: The latest social training professor knows advancements from inside the research and you may technology and you can spends this knowledge so you’re able to assists beginner understanding of this new social and environment consequences out-of medical finding and you can technological innovation.

The science professor manages class room, field and you can laboratory factors to guarantee the safeguards of all children while the ethical worry and you may treatments for bacteria and you may specimens.

New science professor understands exactly how technology impacts the newest daily lifetime away from students and how science communicates with and you can impacts individual and you may personal choices.

The technology professor knows and you will knows new research articles suitable to help you show the fresh statewide instruction (Colorado Essential Studies and you can Enjoy [TEKS]) when you look at the physical science.